5 violations Sharjah will enforce during Ramadan in the UAE

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5 violations Sharjah will enforce during Ramadan in the UAE

Starting on the first day of the holy month, Sharjah’s authorities will start a harsh crackdown on breaches. Director General of Sharjah City Municipality Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji announced the authority will launch several programs and carry out daily inspections to start.

Teams have been formed by the authority to work nonstop throughout the holy month. According to Al Tunaiji, the service centers’ working hours have been set for them to keep providing services to the general population. These services include, among others, veterinary clinics, sanitation, and building control.

The list of regions is the target of the authority’s campaigns:

1. F&B services

F&B services will be one of the areas where the crackdown will be focused. Food outlets, food storage, bakeries, public kitchens, roasteries, candy shops, and other culinary establishments will all be the focus of the inspections.

To carry out these activities and make sure that the food is not only safe to supply to consumers but also complies with the health requirements and conditions authorized by authorities, a team of 40 inspectors has been established.

2. Unnecessary disturbances

The municipality has stated that there will be campaigns of visits and inspections to keep an eye out for any changes in the neighborhood’s general appearance. This includes but is not limited to, shouting, upsetting people, and erecting special Ramadan tents outside of residences.

Al Tunaiji went on to say that the authority would raise awareness of the value of abiding by the rules and regulations, such as keeping things clean and keeping noise levels down.

3. Commercial permits

The Control and Inspection Department’s required permit must be present in order for commercial businesses to operate after midnight, according to inspection teams.

Instead of the normal 10 pm, engineering consultant offices, and contracting firms would be allowed to remain open until midnight.

4. Parking charges

During the holy month, parking fees will be assessed from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m., according to Al Tunaiji. Inspection teams, according to him, will make sure that locals and visitors have parking permits.

During one hour following the call to prayer, parking spaces near mosques will be free for worshipers. Learn more about Sharjah’s paid parking policies during the holy month by clicking here.

5. Use parks

Visitors can visit both public and private parks from 4 p.m. to midnight. It has been requested of visitors that they follow the rules while there.

6. Negative behaviors

The number “993” can be dialed by locals to get through to a call center that will record their observations, reports, and inquiries. Every call will also be quickly sent to the appropriate department for follow-up action. In case they see those accidents or negative behavior, Al Tunaiji has advised the people to call the given phone.

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