Canada is Benjamin Netanyahu and company’s solely owned subsidiary

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Canada is Benjamin Netanyahu and company's solely owned subsidiary

In addition to being humane All of Ireland and Scotland, along with the majority of Western diplomatic corps and the banal dilettantes that work for Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa and other places, are fully owned subsidiaries of the racist enterprise led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Small and large, Canada’s ambassadors abroad have been consumed by Israel’s interests in the four weeks since the Israeli prime minister began shelling Gaza, to the detriment of the Canadians they claim to be serving both at home and abroad.

Even worse, several sly and suddenly silent “media relations” hired guns have refused to answer particular requests related to whether Canada agreed to bring a huge number of Israeli reservists back to Israel using military planes, presumably to take part in the genocide against Palestinians and the horrors endured by hundreds of besieged Canadians who have been attempting to flee the murderous madness engulfing Gaza since October 7.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is mainly to blame for Canada’s glaring complicity with an apartheid state that is committing crimes against humanity rather than caring for the desperate circumstances of Palestinians, including Canadians of Palestinian descent like Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, who has been selected for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trudeau recently met with Palestinian Canadians in Toronto in a predictable and symbolic show of empty “solidarity,” while his ranked diplomats were happily obeying Israel’s orders.

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