UN experts denounce use of AI to commit ‘domicide’ in Gaza

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UN experts denounce use of AI to commit 'domicide' in Gaza

On Monday, the UN experts condemned Israel’s use of alleged artificial intelligence (AI) and related military orders in Gaza, which resulted in damage to civilian infrastructure and services.

“If proven true, the shocking revelations of the use of AI systems by the Israeli military such as ‘Gospel,’ ‘Lavender’ and ‘Where’s Daddy?’ combined with lowered human due diligence to avoid or minimize civilian casualties and infrastructure, contribute to explaining the extent of the death toll and home destruction in Gaza,” according to experts in a statement.

The experts highlighted that in the six weeks following October 7, “AI systems seem to have been largely relied upon for target selection,” accounting for over 15,000 deaths—nearly half of all civilian fatalities to date.

“We are especially concerned about the alleged use of AI to target ‘family homes’ of suspected Hamas operatives, typically at night when they sleep, with unguided munitions known as ‘dumb’ bombs, with little regard for civilians who may be in or around that home,” they stated.

Disregarding the interim ruling of the International Court of Justice, Israel persists in its assault on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of 33,797 Palestinians, the majority of whom are women and children, and the injuries of 76,465 others since October 7, as reported by Palestinian health authorities.

Since Hamas launched a cross-border strike that, as reported by Tel Aviv, killed about 1,200 people, Israel has been pounding the Gaza Strip.

According to the UN, the Israeli war on Gaza has caused 60% of the enclave’s infrastructure to be damaged or destroyed, and 85% of its inhabitants to be internally displaced due to severe shortages of food, clean water, and medication.

The International Court of Justice has charged Israel with genocide and directed Tel Aviv to cease its crimes of genocide and take action to ensure that residents in Gaza get humanitarian aid.

However, hostilities have not stopped, and the humanitarian crisis is still glaringly ignored by the help that is being sent.

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