Govt. Employees to get E-bike for jobs

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Govt. Employees to get E-bike for job

Hassan Waqar Cheema, the deputy commissioner for Rawalpindi, told The source that the administration was thinking about starting a trial program to motivate more government servants to ride their bicycles to their jobs.

A minimum of five to ten workers from every government office will have to regularly ride their bicycles to work during the first phase, according to Cheema. “Specifically, it will be mandatory for young government employees to ride their bicycles to work.”

He said that the initiative would enhance their well-being and prevent individuals from using cars or motorcycles for transport.

To further combat smog and air pollution, the district government will also plan a bike rally as part of these efforts. He explained that it was an element of the efforts to reduce the number of cars on the road. He went on, “It would entail investing in more bicycles and making the street bike-friendly, which would improve the quality of the air.”

In addition to these steps, the department was carrying out its operation to target motor vehicle companies, and brick kilns that contribute to smog, stated Cheema, who also assured that anyone who violated the law would face consequences.

As to the official, 15 industrial entities that produced smoke had already been hit with charges totaling Rs0.9 million.

30 brick kilns that were adding to air pollution have been fined Rs. 350,000; two of these kilns have been sealed due to their harm to the environment.

A further 3,370 cars got emissions-related fines. It has cost Rs1.928 million in a charge.

He found that the expected benefits were reduced air pollution, improved health, and cost savings.

Electric Bike

The region’s acting transport minister, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, declared on Tuesday that the government was “all set” to introduce electric bikes.

Government employees will also be given electric bikes on lease, he claimed, and e-bikes would be affordable.

He went on to say that the Safe City project’s surveillance cameras would be used to detect smoke-emitting automobiles, and the owners would be subject to legal punishment.

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