Pakistan’s Hajj Quota Could Be Reduced Next Year

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Pakistan’s Hajj Quota Could Be Reduced Next Year

Dr. Syed Atta ur Rehman, Secretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, has said that they will not be using the entire Hajj quota this year. They do, however, plan on using the quota in its whole the next year; if not, a reduction may occur.

Rehman announced at a news conference in Islamabad that 69,000 Pakistanis will do the Hajj this year as part of the official Hajj program. In addition, data on how many pilgrims utilize the private Hajj program will be made available shortly.

He noted that this year a 20- to 25-day Hajj has also been added in addition to the usual 40 days.

During the Hajj, pilgrims will be able to make WhatsApp calls to Pakistan thanks to pre-installed mobile SIM cards they will be bringing with them from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj app, which has been released and includes the flight schedule and other crucial information, was released by the Secretary of Religious Affairs. Travelers will find this app helpful in getting to their lodging.

He went on to say that rail services will be available to Pakistani pilgrims departing from Mina. Moreover, NTS will be used in the selection of doctors and assistants.

The Secretary claims that buildings have been acquired in Madinah at fair rental prices, at prime and practical locations. Furthermore, the purchase of vaccines and medication resulted in substantial savings of 15 crore rupees.

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