Animal Prices Drop in Karachi’s Cattle Market

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Animal Prices Drop in Karachi’s Cattle Market

As Eid-ul-Adha nears, the cattle market at Karachi’s Northern Bypass is experiencing a notable surge in activity.

Buyers have observed a price drop, with sacrificial animals now costing about five percent less than in the initial days.

A report indicates that over 80,000 animals have been sold so far. The market, situated at Taiser Town Northern Bypass, has been operational since May 10, 2024.

Among the visitors was a tourist family from Poland, who were surprised by the market’s scale and variety.

Authorities have committed to providing ample facilities for buyers and traders, including food courts, ATMs, and designated parking areas. Security is being enhanced with the establishment of police pickets.

Last year, the Karachi Northern Bypass cattle market generated Rs8 billion in business during the Eid-ul-Adha season. Previously located in the Sohrab Goth area, the market has now been established at the Northern Bypass in District West.

 In 2023, the market saw approximately 700,000 sacrificial animals, with 600,000 sold, marking a record-breaking year.

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