Jampur, Punjab Artisan Woodwork – “Pawa”

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Jampur, Punjab Artisan Woodwork - "Pawa"

For more than a hundred years, the master artisans of Jampur continue to carry on the glory of the same glorious past with the height of honesty and skill.

This exquisite blend of color and craftsmanship is a unique example of the quality and prestige that is created from dried Sheesham wood, which has been the top priority of artisans for centuries due to its strength and quality.

From the beginning to the completion of the fabric, each step is done by hand by highly skilled artisans. Pawa is made by hand with the help of a chisel on a spinning wheel machine from completely dry Sheesham wood.

Only hands that have reached the perfection of art know how to make a design. With the cooperation of mind and hands, a piece of wood takes on a beautiful shape. At the same time, sandpaper is used little by little to smooth the surface of the wood. After making “Pawa” from wood, the process of painting is done. A line of raw colors is applied on the wood, after which first red, then yellow.

For example, if you want to make a flower yellow, you have to remove the top black color to reveal the yellow color underneath, but you have to be very careful while pressing. The pressure should not be too high, because if the pressure is too high, the red color under the yellow will be evident, which is not what your design demands, and your efforts may be wasted. Despite the utmost care, there are still a few small gaps, which are permissible in manual work.
Finally, the black color is applied. And they are kept for some time to dry.
Now the stage that comes is the stage of extreme subtlety and mental effort, i.e. the stage of painting. The beautiful carvings and red-colored vines are not placed in front of us as a pre-made image but are present in the mind of the engraver, which is created by his hands without any measure or order.
Designers are scratched with the help of a thin iron rod locally known as Chattarni. Glory to the geniuses whose brains know how much pressure to reveal which color now.

After the process of carving, they are cleaned and polished with a colourless polish that makes the wood shine. Comes fully ready to go to bed. Once finished, this unparalleled object of skill and craftsmanship graces the hands and minds of its makers and awaits the appreciation of its users. By the way, today everything is beyond the reach of the servant of God, but these engravers of Jampur are difficult and laborious and meet all kinds of standards. After going through a step-by-step process of several days, the livelihood of the artisans who make these carved “Pawa” is now severely affected by inflation and a lack of customers. Due to this the tendency of people to learn and adopt this work as a profession is very less. And serious back labourers are now sending their children to other professions as a result of which this excellent skill of hundreds of years is dying its last breath.

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