At least two killed, 22 injured in DI Khan attack

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At least two killed, 22 injured in DI Khan attack

In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s DI Khan area on Thursday, a car bomb exploded, leaving at least two people dead and 22 injured.

The event occurred near the district’s Hathala police station. Many security officers roped off the area and began an initial inquiry right after the incident.

The injured were taken to a CMH hospital that was nearby.
Vehicles traveling between Tank and DI Khan were the target of the car bomb, according to police sources of information. About the force to which the cars belonged, nothing was known.

To determine the kind and quantity of explosives used in the attack, the bomb disposal squad additionally initiated an investigation.

At least 23 soldiers lost lives in an important attack in December of last year when militants crashed a truck containing explosives into a security checkpoint in the DI Khan district.

The terrorists rammed the explosive-laden car after their attempts to break in were “effectively thwarted,” according to the military’s media wing.

After the car bomb, there was another suicide attack, which caused the building to fall and resulted in many casualties. According to ISPR, six terrorists were slain in the incident.

Two security officials told Reuters that the building was being utilized by security forces as a base camp. They also raised concerns that ammunition that was kept inside might have exploded as well.

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