PTI moves PHC to Reserve Seats

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PTI moves PHC to Reserve Seats

The PTI requested reserve seats in the national and provincial in a plea submitted to the Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Monday.

As a respondent to the petition, the ECP demanded that candidates who submitted nomination papers for reserve seats and passed scrutiny receive adjustments for such seats.

The PTI was a listed party with the power to reserve seats, according to the party’s argument.

According to the request, all of the candidates who sought tickets on reserve seats were PTI members, and each of them had also filed an affidavit to that effect. The petition said that the Supreme Court alone has the power to delist any party, not the ECP.

Additionally, the PTI asked the court to set a hearing for the case for today.

The process of establishing a government and assigning particular seats in the provincial assemblies began with the announcement of the results of the general election on February 8.

The procedure for forming a government and assigning reserved seats to winning political parties has also been laid down by the electoral monitor.
According to the stated process, political parties that achieve success in the provincial legislature will be granted reserved seats for women and minorities.
A party gets one reserved seat for every nine general seats in the Punjab Assembly, or one seat for women at a rate of 4.5%. A minority member of a party will receive one seat at a rate of 37.12%.

Nine seats will be set aside for minorities and 29 seats for women out of the 130 general seats in the Sindh Assembly. One seat shall be allotted for women at a rate of 4.48% and one seat for a minority group at a rate of 14.44%, by the stipulated ratio for the distribution of reserved seats.

Out of the 145 seats in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Assembly, 115 are general seats. A political party can form a government by gaining 73 seats.

One minority seat will be allocated for every 29 general seats in the K-P Assembly, with one reserved seat going to women based on a ratio of 4.42%.

Every political party in the Balochistan Assembly will be given one minority seat for every 17 general seats as well as one seat for women at a rate of 4.63%.

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