Pakistan’s First Indoor Snow Park, Winterland, is now open in Lahore

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Pakistan's First Indoor Snow Park, Winterland, is now open in Lahore

LAHORE – Winterland, the world’s first indoor snow park, has opened its doors in Lahore, bringing with it an original and exciting experience. The awaited launch event, which was attended by respected figures from the media and entertainment industries, was a huge success.  Their presence gave the event an air of excellence and excitement and created the conditions for them to have an experience they will never forget, according to many people who were there.

Showstoppers like Daniyal Zafar and Hamza Sohail, as well as Kubra Khan, Amar Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt, and Saheefa Jabbar Khan, attended the event. “If there was one thing missing in Lahore, it was this,” stated Ahmed Ali Butt, who went with his family.

“This is something we needed but didn’t know about until it happened,” Kubra Khan told the media.

Hamza Sohail’s visit to the snow park’s freezing temperatures turned out to be a true fairytale trip, while Iman Ali and Zahra Noor Abbasi were taken aback by the intricately crafted ice sculptures.

Numerous popular content creators went to, including Ukhano, Ken-Doll, Heymayal, Meerub Ali, Zarrar Khan, Taimoori, and Hashir standing out.

People go on thrilling journeys in Winterland, complete with ice slides, merry snow rounds, tunnel slides, ice cycling, bumper cars, and the much-anticipated Zip Line, all in extreme -10 degree Celsius temperatures. Overall, it is a unique holiday spot for friends and family.

It is a game-changer for Lahore’s entertainment industry as the city’s first indoor snow park. It offers a request to locals of Lahore as well as visitors from all around to take part in the glory of a winter wonderland and to construct lifelong memories and experiences.

Therefore, go over and discover a world where snowflakes dance and dreams come true if you’re ready to escape the heat and embrace the magic of winter. Take a trip you won’t soon forget with Lahore’s newest tourist destination.

Winterland is now open and prepared to enfold visitors in its blanket of snow. Winterland is the premier snow spot in Lahore, where you can experience the chill, enjoy the adventure, and write your own winter story.

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