Ghee & cooking oil prices have been decreased for second time in week

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Ghee & cooking oil prices have been decreased for second time in week

ISLAMABAD: In advance of the Budget 2023–24, the federal government on Wednesday cut the prices of various brands of ghee and cooking oil at the utility stores, according to ARY News.

The utility stores corporation (USC) reduced the cost of several brands of Banaspati ghee by Rs68 per kilogram, from Rs585 to Rs517 per kg, according to a notification.

The cost of one liter of cooking oil at utility retailers dropped from Rs610 to Rs517 in a similar trend. This drop leads to a substantial decrease of Rs93 per liter.

The notification further stated that the price cuts for cooking oil and vanaspati ghee would take effect right away. Cooking oil and ghee prices were lowered earlier on May 26 by the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) to “provide relief to the inflation-hit nationals”

As to the spokesperson, the price per kilogram of branded ghee has dropped by Rs69, while the price per kilogram of various brands of cooking oil was reduced by Rs18 to Rs76.

In Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the cost of 15kg bags of fine flour and (superfine flour) maida was just cut by Rs300.In Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the millers lowered the cost of fine and superfine flour (maida). In addition, the association of flour sellers has begun granting permits to its members.

A 15kg bag of fine flour costing Rs. 300 less is now available for Rs. 2,100. In addition, the price of an 80kg bag of additional fine flour decreased by Rs1,300 to Rs12,600.

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