Air taxis to operate in Pakistan soon

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Air taxis to operate in Pakistan soon

Pakistan is about to launch its first-ever online aerial taxi service that will let customers travel anywhere in the nation, which would be regarded as a groundbreaking development in the field of travel.

In Karachi, a private company named Sky Wings has opened a brand-new, innovative facility that will be accessible to the general public in the next two weeks.

The port city’s Jinnah International Airport has also secured a contract in this regard.

According to Imran Aslam Khan, chief operating officer (COO) of Sky Wings Aviation, users can select their preferred time and location through a smart phone app, just like with other taxi reservations.

The cost of the travel service, according to Khan, will be far less than the standard charter flights, which cost Rs2.5 million to fly from Karachi to other places in Sindh and Balochistan.

Initially, the taxi service includes eight aircraft with two to six seats; however, more aircraft will be introduced soon.

In addition to the pilot, this week saw the addition of a DA 40 Diamond from a German manufacturer to the fleet, according to Aslam.

The German-made aircraft can also travel 300 kilometers per hour (or 160 knots) on a single tank of fuel.

Other professionals, such as tourists, lawyers, journalists, and doctors, as well as regular citizens, will be able to benefit from aerial taxis, he continued, “apart from political, religious, and business personalities.

He added that this service would boost tourism in the nation while also offering a quicker way to travel.

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