Pakistani woman gets international patents for her invention of supersonic jet engine

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Pakistani woman gets international patents for her invention of supersonic jet engine

For Pakistani women, the possibilities are endless in terms of talent. With her groundbreaking invention—a supersonic jet engine—Sarah Qureshi, an alumna of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), has accomplished a feat in the engineering field. She co-invented the engine with her father, Masood Latif Qureshi, and it has been granted patents in the United States and Great Britain.

The new supersonic jet engine promises to transform the aviation industry and open up new opportunities for fast travel. The design by Qureshi marks a significant turning point in aviation, addressing the main issues of excessive noise generation that results in limits and constraints on their use. But Qureshi’s cutting-edge construction ensures a significant reduction in noise levels.

In addition, the supersonic engine offers improved speed and efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Because of Qureshi’s experience in the aerospace sector, the patents have been granted. She played a key role in the creation of this incredible engine as the CEO of Aero Engine Craft.

In 2000, Qureshi earned his degree in electrical and mechanical engineering (CEME). About her success, Qureshi thanked NUST for solidifying her grounding in engineering and complimented her alma institution for fostering her interest, highlighting the essential part her father’s co-invention of the supersonic engine played.

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