Sarah Qureshi: Inventor of the World’s First Green Aircraft

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Sarah Qureshi: Inventor of the World’s First Green Aircraft

An environmentally friendly aircraft engine has been developed by Pakistani aerospace Sarah Quraishi. She co-founded Pakistan’s first private aviation business, Aero Engine Craft, with her father. She currently serves as its CEO. The business focuses on creating an environmentally friendly aircraft engine.

Masood Latif Quraishi, Sarah’s father, is a well-known scientist in Pakistan with experience in the aviation field. Working with her father inspired Sarah s love of motors and machinery. She was motivated to work on engines that use renewable resources while doing an internship in the automotive business.

Sarah graduated from Pakistan’s renowned National University of Science and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

A master’s degree in aerospace dynamics was her next goal after obtaining her private pilot’s license. From a public institution in Cranfield, England, she also earned a Ph.D. in aerospace propulsion. She developed experience in acrobat flying while she was a student.

A contrail-free airplane engine has been Sarah’s main area of focus. Her initiative intends to lessen the harm to the environment brought on by flight-related greenhouse gas emissions.

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