Misbah-ul-haq disappointed over the criticism of Babar Azam

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Misbah-ul-haq disappointed over the criticism of Babar Azam

Misbah-ul-Haq, the former Pakistani cricketer and current head coach and chief selector of the Pakistan cricket team, expressed his disappointment over the criticism of the team’s captain, Babar Azam.

Babar Azam, who is considered one of the best batsmen in the world, has been facing criticism for his recent poor form and captaincy decisions. However, Misbah believes that this criticism is not only unfair but also damaging to the player’s confidence and morale.

The former head coach Misbah stated, speaking to media in Lahore, “No matter who is the captain, a change should only be made after thoroughly evaluating the situation. Making decisions solely to exert pressure on others is not recommended.

Babar’s comparison to Indian batsman Virat Kohli, according to the former chief selector, is unjust because Kohli has played far more cricket than Pakistan’s captain.

It is wrong to compare Virat Kohli to Babar Azam, he declared. Babar has only begun his cricketing career, while Kohli has played a significant amount of international cricket.

The two batters should be compared once they have both played the same number of cricket matches, he continued. Kohli’s accomplishments are unparalleled right now, according to Misbah.

The 48-year-old said of Babar, “Babar is a classy player,” praising his reliability with the bat. He is one of Pakistan’s best batsmen and has so far displayed exceptional performance.

Babar consistently ranks among the top five players in the world, according to rankings, said Misbah.

The former Test skipper commented on Pakistan’s recurrently poor Test performances, saying, “Pakistan has done well in white-ball cricket but the same can’t be said about Test cricket.

Babar Azam is not completely to blame for Pakistan’s Test cricket success, he continued. In Test matches, there is a lack of preparation and appropriate squad selection.

A humiliating whitewash against England and two tense Test draws against New Zealand meant that Pakistan remained winless during the most recent home Test season.Additionally, earlier this month, Pakistan lost the three-match ODI series at home against New Zealand.

Misbah also pointed out that the team’s recent performance should not be solely attributed to Babar, as cricket is a team sport and everyone should take responsibility for the team’s success or failure. He added that the team’s performance is a collective effort and that everyone should support each other in both good times and bad.

Misbah went on to say that the criticism of Babar is not only harmful to the player but also to the team’s morale and unity. He believes that criticism should be constructive and not personal and that it should be used to help players improve rather than to bring them down

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