Make Tandoori Coffee at home without a tandoor,Tandoori Coffee Recipe

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Make Tandoori Coffee at home without a tandoor,Tandoori Coffee Recipe

Coffee lovers are many, just like tea lovers. For them, drinking coffee day or night serves as boost. Starting each day without Coffee Recipe is not only difficult but also impossible. This unique coffee recipe can be helpful for you if you are a coffee lover who enjoys trying various hot drink recipes.

Similar to Tandoori Chai, Smoked Coffee Recipe, also known as Tandoori Coffee, is quite well-liked these days. You can create tandoori coffee at home using a few recipes and instructions even if you don’t have a tandoor. Let’s talk about how to make Tandoori Coffee, which only takes a few minutes.

Ingredients for Tandoori coffee

  • Coffee powder
  • Milk
  • hazelnut powder
  • Chocolate chips
  • Chocolate powder
  • kulhad
  • sugar


  • Take a small grinder out first.
  • Add some hot water, sugar, and coffee to it.
  • It should be blended thoroughly until creamy froth forms.
  • When finished, mix in some powdered chocolate or hazelnut.
  • Remix it once again.
  • Then, bring milk to a boil in a pan.
  • Boil the coffee after adding the blended coffee.
  • Now take an ax and roast it while keeping the gas on.
  • Put the boiled coffee in it after that.
  • This will help you to prepare tandoori coffee at home without a tandoor.
  • To this tandoori coffee, you can add hazelnut powder, coffee powder, or any other topping of your choosing. You may also add chocolate or Coco chips to coffee to make it more delectable and chocolatey.
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