First Female Brigadier From Minority Community in Army

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First Female Brigadier From Minority Community in Army

Brigadier Helen Mary Roberts, affiliated with the Army Medical Corps, has made history as the first female from the Christian and minority community to achieve the rank of one-star officer in the Pakistan Army, marking a significant milestone in the country’s 77-year history.

Last year, during a ceremony, Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir praised the Christian community’s role in Pakistan’s development at a Christmas celebration held at Christ Church in Rawalpindi.

He highlighted their contributions to quality education, healthcare, philanthropy, and national defence.

The COAS expressed deep respect for the Christian community and emphasized the need for interfaith harmony to realize Quaid’s vision of a united and progressive Pakistan.

Brig. Helen Mary Roberts was among the Pakistan Army officers promoted to the ranks of brigadiers and full colonels by the Selection Board.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also extended his special congratulations to Brigadier Helen Mary on her promotion. “The nation and I congratulate Brig.

Helen Mary Roberts on becoming the first female from a minority to be promoted to Brigadier in the Pakistan Army,” he said.

He added that the entire nation is proud of Brig. Helen and the many other hardworking women in Pakistan.

Brigadier Dr. Helen Mary, a senior pathologist, has been serving in the Pakistan Army for 26 years. A social media comment reflected this sentiment, stating that this is the Pakistan envisioned, where every citizen has equal opportunities regardless of religion, caste, financial status, or ethnicity.

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