Bicycles Distributed to Female Students in Tharparkar

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Bicycles Distributed to Female Students in Tharparkar

The Thar Education Alliance, in partnership with Indigo Textile, UNDP (SDG Unit), and the District Education Department of Tharparkar, recently distributed 80 bicycles to deserving female students at Government High School Malanhore Veena.

The aim was to assist students facing transport obstacles that hinder their school attendance. Various stakeholders, including district education officials, civil society representatives, activists, journalists, and local community members, attended the event.

During the event, the CEO of Thar Education Alliance expressed concern over the large number of children (over 0.3 million) not attending school in Thar. He highlighted that many female students face challenges due to schools being far from their villages.

The distribution of bicycles is seen as a strategic move to combat these issues, aiming to improve school attendance and break societal norms.

This initiative, named “Pedaling towards Education,” is a collaborative effort between Thar Education Alliance and Indigo Textile. It aims to address barriers hindering girls’ education in Tharparkar, driven by a shared commitment to social development and education empowerment.

Officials at the event emphasized the significant challenge posed by out-of-school children in Tharparkar and praised the efforts of the Thar Education Alliance in addressing this issue. They noted that empowering girls through education promotes self-reliance and inclusion in decision-making processes.

The female students who received bicycles expressed gratitude, stating that learning to ride has empowered them and boosted their confidence. The local community emphasized the importance of providing transportation to girls from other areas to ensure continued access to education.

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