Ramadan 2023, Rules to follow during holy month in UAE

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Ramadan 2023, Rules to follow during holy month in UAE

People in the UAE are getting ready for the ninth month of the Islamic calendar to start with full force.

The holy month of Ramadan will begin on March 23 this year, which is quickly approaching. The Islamic community gathers to pray during this time, and Muslims around the world fast from dawn till nightfall. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Ramadan will be observed without any Covid-related limitations for the first time in four years this year.

What is prohibited in the nation during the holy month when regulations on the wearing of masks, travel, gatherings, and mosque visits are slacker than ever?

Here are five rules to follow this Ramadan to ensure a smooth, pleasant, and calm month for those observing.

1. Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in public

According to the UAE’s penal code, eating and drinking in public during Ramadan are strictly forbidden. Yet, did you realize that this restriction also applies to chewing gum?

However, not all indoor establishments must follow the rules; around the nation, several shops and restaurants stay open throughout the holy month to serve non-Muslims, young people, pregnant women, and the elderly.

It’s also important to note that Dubai is free from these rules on providing food and drink; as long as it’s done inside or in approved places, people who aren’t fasting are still allowed to eat and drink there.

2. Avoid arguments, aggressive behavior

People are advised to treat one another with respect during the holy month, whether they are fasting or not. It is advised that locals refrain from getting into pointless arguments or debates, especially ones that take place in public.

3. Do not turn down Iftar invitations

It is considered rude to decline invites to Iftar made by Muslim friends and coworkers. Every day during the holy month, a meal called iftar is served at sundown to break the fast. It is a very fortunate occasion, and it is always observed with a lot of food, family, and friends.

Although there is no rule against this, it may be regarded as improper behavior, so think twice before declining a warm invitation to an Iftar celebration.

It’s considered bad manners to decline the invitation to Iftar.

4. Do not wear inappropriate clothing in public

Residents of the UAE are required to dress modestly in public during Ramadan because it is a month of peace and calm. Both men and women should wear clothes that cover their shoulders, torsos, and the area above the knee.

It is important to remember that these dress requirements are already part of Emirati law, even though they are especially recognized during Ramadan.

5. Avoid loud music

People are asked not to play loud music in their automobiles or residences to disturb observing Muslims who may be offering prayers or reciting the Quran at that time.

It is also forbidden to play loud music inside malls.

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