Punjab Food Department Finds 66,000 Kg of Flour in Rawalpindi

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Punjab Food Department Finds 66,000 Kg of Flour in Rawalpindi

The Punjab Food Department searched Rawalpindi on Saturday as a part of a campaign against hoarders, and they seized over 66,000 kg of accumulated wheat flour. The food department is using its tracking system to keep an eye on supplies and help residents.

The food department’s deputy director accused six persons after finding stored wheat flour in godowns during the operations.

Additionally, a flour mill was closed. The public will be able to purchase the flour at a cost decided upon by the government.

The Punjab food department has taken the decision to look at the data from flour mills in response to the serious wheat shortage.

Since store owners had claimed a scarcity, they requested three months’ worth of documentation from flour dealers and retailers to see whether government-supplied flour was getting to the stores. The department now has a clear picture of how flour is distributed throughout the area thanks to this measure.

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