Decorative Surfboard: 30 Integrated Configurations to Embrace the Coastal Charm

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If you’re a beach lover or simply want to bring the laid-back vibe of coastal living into your home, decorative surfboards are the perfect choice. These versatile art pieces can effortlessly infuse your living spaces with the beauty of the ocean and the thrill of surfing. From vibrant colors to artistic designs, decorative surfboards offer many options to add a touch of beachy charm to any room.

30 Integrated Configurations to Embrace the Coastal Charm

Get ready to ride the wave of style and explore 30 integrated configurations that will transform your home into a coastal haven.

  1. Surfboard Wall Gallery: Create an eye-catching display by arranging a gallery of decorative surfboards on your living room or bedroom walls. Vary the sizes, colors, and designs for a dynamic and visually stunning look.
  2. Coastal Corner: Transform an unused corner into a coastal oasis by propping a decorative surfboard against the wall. Add a cozy chair, a beachy throw pillow, and a floor lamp to complete the inviting corner.
  3. Headboard Statement: Replace your traditional headboard with a decorative surfboard to make a bold and stylish statement in your bedroom. Choose a design that enhances your bedding and adds a personal touch to your living area.
  4. Surfboard Shelf: Add long shelves to turn a surfboard into a functional decor piece. Use the shelves to display beach-themed decor, potted plants, or your favorite books.
  5. Surfboard Table: Get creative with a decorative surfboard by turning it into a unique coffee table for your living room. Add legs or a glass top for a sturdy and stylish addition to your coastal-inspired decor.
  6. Outdoor Surfboard: Art Brings beachy charm to your outdoor spaces by hanging decorative surfboards on your patio or deck walls. These weather-resistant pieces will add a coastal vibe to your alfresco hangouts.
  7. Surfboard Storage: Utilize the space above your garage or backyard to hang decorative surfboards horizontally. It adds a cool design element and keeps your surfboards organized and easily accessible.
  8. Coastal Nook: Create a cozy coastal reading nook by placing a decorative surfboard against the wall and adding a comfy chair or bean bag. Add beach-inspired decor and a coastal-themed bookshelf for the perfect retreat.
  9. Surfboard Towel Rack: Give your bathroom a coastal makeover by turning a decorative surfboard into a towel rack. Hang towels or beach essentials on the surfboard rungs for a practical and beachy touch.
  10. Tropical Tiki Bar: Turn your surfboard into a tiki bar for your next beach-themed party. Use the surfboard as the bar counter and add tropical decorations and drinks for a festive and fun setup.
  11. Surfer’s Paradise: If you have a little surfer in the house, use decorative surfboards as wall decor in their bedroom. Add surf-themed bedding and beachy accessories for a surf lover’s paradise.
  12. Surfer’s Spot: Designate a corner of your living room or outdoor space as the “Surfer’s Spot” by placing a decorative surfboard, beach chairs, and surf-themed decor. It will become everyone’s favorite hangout.
  13. Beachfront Patio: Enhance your patio or balcony with a beachfront ambiance by leaning a decorative surfboard against the railing. Add potted plants, outdoor cushions, and beach-inspired lanterns to complete the look.
  14. Surfboard Sculpture: Create a unique sculptural element in your home by mounting decorative surfboards on the wall in a wave-like pattern. This artistic arrangement will become a captivating focal point.
  15. Coastal Entryway: Welcome your guests with coastal charm by placing decorative surf art in your entryway. Add a beach-inspired mirror, a coastal rug, and seashell decor for a warm and inviting entrance.
  16. Coastal Dining Area: Elevate your dining experience with a decorative surfboard as a unique centerpiece for your dining table. Lay the surfboard horizontally and add coastal-themed decor, candles, or seashell vases for a delightful beach-inspired dining setting.
  17. Surfer’s Dream Bedroom: Create the ultimate surfer’s dream bedroom using decorative surfboards as bed canopies. Hang the surfboards above the bed frame with ropes or chains for a whimsical and adventurous look.
  18. Surfboard Mirror: Transform a plain mirror into a beachy masterpiece by framing it with a decorative surfboard. Attach the surfboard to the edges of the mirror for a stylish and functional addition to your bathroom or hallway.
  19. Coastal Classroom: Bring coastal charm to your home office or study space using a decorative surfboard as a bulletin board. Pin important notes, reminders, and beach-themed pictures for a fun and motivational workspace.
  20. Surfboard Screen Divider: Divide larger rooms or outdoor spaces with decorative surfboards to create an intimate, beachy atmosphere. Use the surfboards as a screen divider for privacy and a unique design element.
  21. Surfboard Ceiling Art: Add an unexpected twist to your interior decor by hanging decorative surfboards from the ceiling. This unconventional design choice will make your home stand out with its artistic and beachy flair.
  22. Coastal Canopy Bed: Use decorative surfboards to create a canopy bed frame for a luxurious coastal retreat. Hang sheer curtains from the surfboards for a dreamy and romantic escape right in the comfort of your own home.
  23. Surfboard Bookshelf: Transform a decorative surfboard into a bookshelf by attaching horizontal wooden planks across the surfboard’s length. Display your favorite books and beach-themed decor for a stylish and functional piece.
  24. Coastal Kids’ Playroom: Design a playful and beach-inspired playroom for your kids by using decorative surfboards as wall decor. Add beach toys, surf-themed cushions, and a surfboard-shaped play table for endless fun.
  25. Surfboard Outdoor Shower: Add a decorative surfboard as a backdrop to your outdoor shower area. This creative touch will give your outdoor space a surfer’s paradise feel and elevate the coastal charm.
  26. Beachfront Breezeway: Decorate your breezeway or covered outdoor area with a row of decorative surfboards leaning against the wall. Add beach chairs and an umbrella for a serene beachfront ambiance right at home.
  27. Surfboard Chandelier: Create a one-of-a-kind chandelier by hanging decorative surfboards from the ceiling in your dining room or living space. Add fairy lights or battery-operated candles for a captivating and cozy glow.
  28. Surfboard Wine Rack: Craft a unique wine rack using decorative surfboards to display your wine collection. Attach wine glass holders and bottle racks to the surfboard for a functional, beach-inspired storage solution.
  29. Coastal Meditation: Space Design a serene and coastal meditation space by placing a decorative surfboard on the floor or leaning against the wall. Add beach-inspired cushions, candles, and seashells for a calming, zen atmosphere.
  30. DIY Surfboard Art: Let your creativity flow by transforming an old or damaged surfboard into a DIY art project. Paint a coastal landscape, a wave pattern, or a beach scene on the surfboard to showcase your artistic talents.


decorative surfboards offer endless possibilities to infuse your home with the charm and excitement of coastal living. From functional furniture to artistic decor, these surf-inspired pieces can be integrated into various configurations, showcasing your style and passion for the ocean. Embrace the beauty of surf art and create a unique, beachy paradise right in your home. With decorative surfboards, you can ride the wave of style and immerse yourself in the laid-back elegance of coastal living.

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