Pakistani student tops ACCA exam scores

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Pakistani student tops ACCA exam scores

Huzaifa Jamil, a student from Pakistan, won the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Financial Reporting test with the best score ever.

Huzaifa took the test along with 107,142 other students from around the world.

“The young kids in our nation might be inspired by Huzaifa’s energy and ambition. His accomplishments serve as a testament to Pakistanis’ ability to succeed on a global scale if they are provided with the proper opportunities and platforms “ACCA‘s Asia Pacific campaign manager Rashid Khan remarked.

He said that despite the many difficulties the nation faces, the way to a bright future is to recognize and applaud the accomplishments of young people like Huzaifa and to inspire them to follow their passions and aspirations without hindrance.

Huzaifa credited his success to hard work and perseverance and expressed gratitude for his parents’ and college professors’ support.

He claimed to be fortunate to have also memorized the Holy Quran and expressed eagerness to begin a fruitful career in auditing. Being a worldwide in-demand accounting professional will provide him a wealth of interesting prospects and rewards.

The ACCA credential is well-respected and widely accepted globally, providing interesting career prospects with top employers.

It thoroughly assesses the knowledge, skills, and talents that a contemporary accountant requires, with a strong foundation in ethics and professionalism.

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