China’s New Nuclear Phone Batteries Will Not Need Charging

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China’s New Nuclear Phone Batteries Will Not Need Charging

Beijing-based startup Betavolt Technology is developing an innovative nuclear battery for smartphones that could eliminate the need for regular charging.

Recent reports suggest that the Chinese company is exploring nuclear technology for various battery applications, with the potential to hold a charge for an incredible 50 years.

 This breakthrough could extend the lifespan of smartphones significantly.

The technology behind these batteries is akin to the ones used in spacecraft and pacemakers, harnessing electricity from radioactive decay.

 Traditionally, the use of plutonium in such batteries has deterred companies due to its highly radioactive nature.

 However, Betavolt has devised a unique approach by incorporating a diamond semiconductor layer and a decaying nickel isotope into its variation of the nuclear battery.

What sets Betavolt’s battery apart is its claim of emitting no radiation and lacking the toxic elements commonly found in conventional batteries.

 Not only does this enhance safety by eliminating the risk of explosions, but the batteries also exhibit impressive resilience, operating efficiently in extreme temperatures ranging from -60 to 120 degrees Celsius.

 Betavolt has achieved the “miniaturization of atomic energy batteries” by fitting 63 nuclear isotopes into a module smaller than a coin, named BV100. Despite its compact size (15 x 15 x 5mm), the nuclear battery can deliver a charge of up to 100 microwatts, more than sufficient for modern smartphones.

Additionally, it can provide an astonishing voltage of 3V. For larger devices, multiple batteries can be combined to deliver more power.

While the project is in its early stages, Betavolt Technology aims to commence mass production soon. However, it is expected to be a considerable amount of time before this groundbreaking technology becomes widely available for smartphones.

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