UAE’s New Visa Rules Promote longer Stays in the Country

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UAE's New Visa Rules Promote longer Stays in the Country

To encourage tourism and ensure that ex-pats stay longer in the nation as they had previously simply used it as a transit location, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) established several new travel restrictions. Many investors, students, and professionals looking for employment and investment opportunities were drawn to the UAE by the new long-term residency permits known as Golden Visas, Green Visas, Retirement Visas, and Freelance Visas.

The average length of stay in the gulf nation has already exceeded five years, therefore human resource (HR) and recruiting gurus predict that the amount of time travelers spend there will surge in the near future.

The Managing Director of Genie Recruitment, Nicki Wilson, commented on the lengthening stay term by saying that the flexible visa conditions will encourage longer stays in the Emirates and allow affluent people to plan their futures here.

As part of its reform effort known as the Advanced Visa System, the UAE started issuing 60-day visit visas last year (AVS). Additionally, the five-year multiple-entry visa, which does not require a sponsor and permits the bearer to stay in the UAE for up to 90 days straight, continued to be one of the most popular options in the UAE.

Additionally, the UAE has resumed providing same-day visit visa renewal services after they were suspended during the limitations connected to the coronavirus.

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