UAE will introduce freelancing visa this year for all skill sets

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UAE will introduce freelancing visa this year for all skill sets

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to provide a new visa program for freelancers of all skill levels in an effort to support the freelance market there. People from all over the world will be able to work independently in the UAE with the help of this visa.

It is anticipated to debut in 2023’s third quarter. According to Abdulrahman Al Awar, minister of human resources and Emiratization, applicants for this work permit, both highly and lowly skilled, will be approved so long as they fulfill all essential steps.

He also said that new legislation that will support flexible and remote work in the UAE is in the works, which will help locals cope with the country’s soaring inflation.

The creation of jobs

The minister added that flexible work might lead to the creation of almost 24,000 jobs. In this way, people with a wide range of skills from various nations would be able to work in UAE enterprises, and workplace diversity will also increase.

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization said that about 200 individuals work remotely, expressing his support for this type of labor (MoHRE). He further stated that a legal framework to enable remote work would be created.

Federal workers who work from home on Fridays

Almost 70% of federal workers will work remotely on Fridays during Ramadan, according to new directives from Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates. The nation’s colleges and universities will also use the same approach.

In the UAE, Ramadan is anticipated to start on March 23. But, based on the moon sighting, the authorities will formally announce the holy month’s final dates.

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