US & Sindh Govt launch $9 million TB Eradication Initiative

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US & Sindh Govt launch $9 million TB Eradication Initiative

US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blome and Sindh Minister for Health and Population Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho announced a $9 million initiative on Thursday aimed at combating tuberculosis (TB) in Pakistan.

A statement from the US Embassy described the collaboration between the United States and Pakistan as a “crucial step forward in combating this disease.”

Funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the new program, named the Tuberculosis Local Organization Network (TB-LON), represents a $9 million investment over five years.

“Its main objective is to provide expert guidance and resources to help Pakistan effectively address TB. By directly engaging with affected communities and individuals, the program will customize solutions to meet specific needs.

 TB-LON will treat more TB cases in Sindh and significantly reduce the number of people affected by the disease,” the statement added.

Ambassador Blome highlighted the strong partnership between the US and the Sindh government, stating, “Tuberculosis is not just a disease affecting millions in Pakistan; it’s an illness that disrupts lives, livelihoods, and communities.

Pakistan ranks fifth among countries with the highest rate of TB, but I am proud to say we are changing that with this groundbreaking $9 million initiative that will provide expert guidance and resources to help eradicate TB, exemplifying our constant commitment to the resilient people of Sindh.”

Dr. Azra expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from the US government and reiterated the Sindh government’s dedication to enhancing healthcare services.

She stated, “We are confident that our joint efforts in addressing critical health challenges will bring positive changes to the lives of the people of Sindh,” underscoring the importance of collaboration in tackling critical health issues.

Despite being preventable and treatable, TB remains the leading infectious disease killer worldwide, affecting 10.6 million people and resulting in 1.3 million deaths annually. Pakistan ranks fifth among the countries with the highest TB burden.

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