Metro Launches New Electric Scooter in Pakistan Longest Range

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Metro Launches New Electric Scooter in Pakistan Longest Range

In Pakistan, the market for electric two-wheelers is growing due to raised vehicle, motorcycle, and gasoline costs.

The C1 electric scooter was recently released by a Pakistani firm with a Lahore headquarters called Evee. Soon later, Super Star hinted at the existence of its electric scooter.

Another manufacturer of bicycles, Metro, has introduced a new electric scooter in line with that trend. The scooter, known as the “E8S Pro,” was created by Yadea, a Chinese two-wheeler manufacturer. It will be manufactured in Pakistan by Metro E-Vehicles, a division of Metro Motorcycles.

The E8S Pro is commonly referred to in China as the “Mountain Climber” due to its performance, according to a recent review from BikeMate.PK. The scooter uses 72V38Ah graphene batteries and a 2000-watt TTFAR brushless DC motor with a power-generating dynamo.

The bike‘s stated range is 120 kilometers per charge, which is the best in Pakistan for its class. Using the powertrain, a top speed of 60–70 km/h is possible. Other characteristics are:

Tri-Lens Headlight

Aluminum Wheels

Tubeless tires with front and rear brake discs

32L of Storage

Remote Control for an Anti-Theft Alarm

Keyless Smart Instrument Cluster Screen for Go

The Evee C1 Pro is the Metro E8S Pro’s closest rival in terms of features and performance. While E8S Pro has a considerable performance and feature edge over its rival, its pricing may be an issue.

Costing Rs. 145,000 more than the C1 Pro, which costs Rs. 215,000 and has a range of 90 km/charge, the E8S Pro is a bit more costly at Rs. 360,00.

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