MDCAT: Students among dozens arrested for cheating in test

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MDCAT: Students among dozens arrested for cheating in test

PESHAWAR – Over 200,000 students took pen-and-paper exams on Sunday to compete for seats up for grabs. Among those arrested on Sunday were students using Bluetooth devices in exam rooms during MDCAT 2023.

Numerous students have been arrested for allegedly using Bluetooth gadgets to cheat, according to media sources. Twenty female applicants, totaling more than 40, were apprehended in Peshawar, and 10 others were caught in DI Khan for using wireless devices to copy examinations.

While cases were being filed, investigators found Bluetooth devices on the medical aspirants during the test. On Monday, the court will see the detained participants.

The KP chief secretary and other officials were aware of the situation at the time and issued an order to cancel the papers of any candidates who had engaged in illegal activity.

Anila Durrani, secretary of higher education, talked to the media about a group of students to assist them in passing the test using hidden Bluetooth devices.

According to the administrators, students who solved papers using Bluetooth devices were paid thousands of rupees. However, the police caught the group and took their wireless devices.

Over 2 lac candidates took the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT), which is conducted throughout the country by the Pakistan Medical Commission.

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