MDCAT JIT finds the cheating mastermind

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MDCAT JIT finds the cheating mastermind

The mastermind has been uncovered by the joint investigation team (JIT), which the government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa set up to look into the usage of hidden Bluetooth devices for cheating on the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT). The JIT, however, chose not to reveal his identity.

JIT sources claim that the Public Service Commission and Federal Public Service Commission employee who was sacked for engaging in illegal activities was the mastermind.

The chief “who runs the network” is from the Karak district.

According to the reports, the accused is adept at hijacking the test because he has previous expertise working for commissions and is aware of its weaknesses.

They revealed that the accused bought premium Bluetooth devices in China.

According to the reports, the accused accused used to seduce MDCAT candidates at academies into cheating.

The sources further stated that the accused accepted millions of rupees from applicants to assist them in passing the MDCAT.

The MDCAT results were ordered to be withheld last week by the Peshawar High Court (PHC) in response to student petitions claiming the usage of hidden Bluetooth devices for exam cheating.

The executive director of the Education Test and Evaluation Agency (ETEA), the chief secretary, and the registrar of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council were each given orders by the court to respond to these allegations.

Furthermore, while a further investigation was being conducted, the court temporarily restrained the ETEA from posting the official results on its website.

The hearing of the cases involving the usage of covert Bluetooth devices for cheating in the MDCAT was presided over by Justice Syed Arshad Ali of the PHC.

The MDCAT results shouldn’t be published on the official website until the next hearing, the court said. The court then delayed the hearing until September 21.

The JIT was established by the K-P government to look into the usage of covert Bluetooth devices in the MDCAT in response to parent objections, and it would deliver its report within a week.

Sources claim that a JIT made up of seven members was constituted by the K-P Interior and Tribal Affairs Department.

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