Honda CD 70 installment plan with UBL

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Honda CD 70 installment plan with UBL

In Pakistan, Atlas Honda sells a variety of commuter bikes; the CD 70 model is the most popular one, despite fierce competition from Chinese competitors.

The Honda CD 70 is a recognizable motorcycle noted for its stability, fuel economy, and simple design. It has earned a significant market share in Pakistan. Although there haven’t been many changes over the past year, Atlas Honda Limited has been building the bike in the nation for decades, and its market share is still solid.

Honda CD 70s, which are well known for their dependability, fuel economy, affordability, parts availability, and strong brand identity, continued to be the most popular models even as the motorcycle’s price rose considerably.

The price of the Honda CD 70 increased as a result of the significant local currency devaluation, and Pakistanis are now seeking simple installment plans to purchase new bikes or update their existing bikes.

The producer of the majority of popular motorcycles, Atlas Honda Limited (AHL), recently launched a zero percent markup installment plan for its motorcycles, including the Honda CD 70.

Many banks, like UBL Bank, provide the zero percent markup plan, which enables customers to get the bikes without incurring additional costs.

Latest Price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan

The cost of the Honda CD 70 2024 model is Rs157,900 as of mid-September.

Honda CD 70 Payment Schedules 2023: 161850

The payment schedules will be completed in 3 months and monthly installments will be 53950.

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