Punjab govt seals all of Lahore’s theatres

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Punjab govt seals all of Lahore's theaters

LAHORE: Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa has ordered the closure of all theatres in the Lahore Division, including Lahore city, in a decisive action against lewdness and obscenity.

Until further notice, the theatres in Sheikhpura, Nankana Sahib, and Kasur will be closed.

Last night, Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa made a surprise trip to several theatres throughout the city where explicit expression, crude, and immoral tunes were being presented.

In a conversation with the media, Commissioner Randhawa said that since our culture is based on values, ethics, and principles, improper theatre dramas have no place in it.

The management of the theatre had previously been in conversation with the authorities about the application of rules and regulations for the conduct of theatrical performances.

No drama with explicit content would be released, according to owners of theatres and organizations.

According to numerous accounts, Commissioner Lahore continues to say that he visited several theatres.

 Dramas often featured obscene acts, sexually explicit speech, and dances that went against social mores. Since every theatre in the Lahore Division, including Lahore city, must close instantly, the commissioner has issued orders to that effect.

Even while the government and administration support theatrical works of art, they cannot allow obscenity and ugliness.

The commissioner added that theater closings would continue until theater owners and organizations stopped engaging in illegal business practices.

The productions should uphold high standards of quality and culture, and the theaters must adhere to moral and polite ideals.

The owners and producers of the theater damaged the trust of the public by engaging in illegal operations.

As a result of violations of the drama act, the Lahore Division, which includes more than 10 notable commercial theatres, has been sealed. These theatres won’t be able to reopen until the drama act revisions are in effect.

Aamir Mir, the provincial minister for information and culture, said during an interview with the media that more than ten significant commercial theaters in the Lahore Division had been sealed for violating the drama act. Once the new rules are in place, these theatres will be able to reopen.

However, the performances at these theaters were found to violate the Drama Act during the most recent raids on them, prompting the authorities to temporarily seal them.

He added by saying that the Punjab government had decided to alter the theatre act.

Only once the changes have been completed and put into effect will the theatres showing obscene dances be allowed to reopen. Aamir Mir stressed that dramas that contravene cultural norms will immediately be put to an end, adding that similar activities are being observed and rapidly addressed in other cities of Punjab. The vulgar performances continued despite all artists receiving warning letters from Section Officer Police Dr. Arslan Gondal.

According to the Punjab Arts Council’s complaint, these Shaukaz notices have been issued.

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