Laptop Scheme for Outstanding Students

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Laptop Scheme for Outstanding Students

ISLAMABAD: Brilliant youth who thrive in education and research serve as the backbone of every nation’s economic growth as they make headway in various spheres of life, competing locally and globally to build a solid foundation.

Their appreciation, shown in providing the newest research tools and methods, prepares them to meet worldwide standards and win more and more spots at institutions overseas.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government has revived the laptop scheme for the top students by allocating Rs. 10 billion in the budget 2023–2024 due to the fact that many poor students who achieve academic success are hit by extreme poverty and lack the most up-to-date equipment to compete in the global market.

Under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme, this sum would be used to buy 100,000 brand-new, high-quality laptops for talented students enrolled in public sector universities who are pursuing all degree levels, including the BS (16 Years), MS/MPhil (18 Years), and Ph.D.

The distribution of laptops is based on enrollment in each degree program because the goal of the initiative is to make it easier for talented learners to pursue further education while maintaining an acceptable standard of life.

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