MG’s Sister Company Launches Electric Cultus Competitor

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MG’s Sister Company Launches Electric Cultus Competitor

The more recently electric vehicles from Wuling are renowned for being reasonably priced. Top sales in China’s small form-factor electric vehicle market include the Hongguang Mini EV, Air EV, and NanoEV. Another such vehicle, the Wuling Bingo, made its premiere on March 29 by SAIC-GM-Wuling and retails for between Rs. 2.5 million and Rs. 3.5 million.

An electric small city car is called a Wuling Bingo. Wuling Bingo is larger than Honguang and Air EVs and has a unique appearance. The vehicle has a fashionable appearance because of its rounded lines, closed grille, and rounded headlamps. X-shaped LED daytime running lights enhance visibility as well.

The new car boasts a huge rear spoiler and a floating roof from the side. Similar to the headlights, the rear sports rounded corner lamps and an X-shaped lamp chamber structure.

The interior of Wuling Bingo features a double-color scheme with multiple chrome-plated trim accents, providing a chic atmosphere. The new vehicle boasts two 10.25-inch screens, a double-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, and a knob-style shifter.

The 203km and 333km range models of the Wuling Bingo have motor outputs of 40hp and 110 Nm. The 333 km-range variants are powered by a 67 hp, 150 Nm motor. The car competes with the BYD Seagul, LeapMotor T03, and other comparable cars. This small electric car can be viewed as a good deal even in Pakistani currency.

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