SIM cards of 0.5m non-filers to be Blocked

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SIM cards of 0.5m non-filers to be Blocked

The FBR chairman gave his permission for the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to block the SIM cards of 0.5 million people who have been involved in tax evasion, News said.

Two million tax evaders were identified by the FBR. Nevertheless, cell carriers have asked not to block too many SIM cards, which is why 500,000 tax evaders’ SIM cards were first blocked.

The FBR chairman has given his consent to the decision and issued instructions to the right people.
In addition to disconnecting non-filer SIM cards, our sources suggest that the FBR also has the power to cut off electrical connections. In this context, 145 district tax officials countrywide have been granted special powers.

Section 114-B provides for the collection of fines against both tax evaders and non-filers.

After discussing with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), 400,000 under-filers have been found, according to FBR sources. These people have taxable income, but they haven’t submitted their forms. In this context, the FBR plans to release an Income Tax General Order (IGTO) shortly.

They said that although the FBR had previously notified these people, returns had not yet been filed. Through the FBR’s expanding tax base campaign, 100,000 non-filers have been identified, and their SIM cards will likewise be stopped.

The decision to block SIM cards has been made following lengthy discussions between PTA, FBR, and telecom companies.

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