Punjab CM gives an update on Lahore’s Wednesday school holiday

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Punjab CM gives an update on Lahore's Wednesday school holiday

Punjab’s provincial capital, Lahore, is moving up the list of cities with the worst air quality in the world, leading to tough action from the government, such as the closure of marketplaces and schools.

Students in Lahore were expecting school closures akin to those in the Indian capital when fog blanketed several areas of the city; however, Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi said that all educational establishments, including government and private schools, will stay open on Wednesday.

With a social media update on X, a social media platform that was formerly Twitter, the Chief Minister said that he held an important discussion with provincial cabinet members regarding smog and that Wednesday will not be a holiday according to the air quality index.

CM went on to highlight the government’s initiatives to reduce air pollution. Senior officials, according to him, are on the ground to address the causes of air pollution.

Concerned parents of students were concerned about the negative impact of school closures on academic performance.

Conversely, due to Lahore’s appalling air quality, respiratory illnesses are on the rise and have exceeded the WHO’s recommended upper limit on many occasions.

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