New Google Maps Design Faces a Lot of Hate

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New Google Maps Design Faces a Lot of Hate

Google Maps had an extensive design with generative AI and more features in its recent release. The color scheme of the browseable maps is the only aspect of the app’s appearance that has changed in the latest update, and users don’t like it.

Highways and freeways used to be shown in a bright yellow color, standing out against a simple white grid. All roads, however, are shown in various shades of gray in the app’s current version, with notable routes looking darker and more obvious than other roads.

A San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency staffer named Raynell Cooper voiced his dissatisfaction with Maps on X’s new look.

 He called it “cartographically disappointing” because the change makes it much more difficult to differentiate between different roads. According to him, the new design makes “major local roads and limited-access highways (freeways)” practically similar.

Here’s another example of the way Pakistani local roads and highways nearly merge. Examine the Srinagar Highway in Islamabad which links to other roads by clicking on the red circle. It’s the same story at the roundabout that leads to Dhokri Chowk.

Other users on X persisted in making comparisons between Google Maps and Apple, mainly highlighting the design changes that caused the most recent Google upgrade. Users evaluated the general visual appeal of the interfaces and compared how the competing services handled business listings, traffic forecasts, and public transportation planning.

The good news is that Google took note of these complaints and even made a public statement about it, stating, “We truly value your feedback! Thank you! We’ll give it to the relevant group. This means that a change should occur soon enough.

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