Gadar 2, Day 8: Sunny Deol’s Movie Is “Not Out” at 300 Crore

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Gadar 2, Day 8: Sunny Deol's Movie Is "Not Out" at 300 Crore

Gadar 2 by Sunny Deol keeps roaring at the box office, and how. Friday saw the film reach the 300 crore mark, according to Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh. The movie was able to bring in a staggering 20.50 crore just on Friday. “300 not out… Gadar 2 continues to roar,” Taran Adarsh commented in a post about the movie’s box office earnings on X (previously known as Twitter). Mass pockets play a completely different level. According to Taran Adarsh’s post, the movie’s amazing box office success may be largely attributable to its receipts from tier 2 and tier three cities.

“Also, the contribution from Tier 2 and Tier 3 sectors will set a new benchmark,” Taran Adarsh continued in his tweet. Expect a large increase on Saturday and Sunday. (Week 2) Fri 20.50 cr. Overall: 305.13 crore. Business in India. the box office.

Gadar 2, which Anil Sharma directed, is a follow-up to the popular 2001 film Gadar. Ameesha Patel, Sunny Deol, and Utkarsh Sharma all reprised their roles as Tara Singh, Sakeena, and Jeete in the sequel. Last week saw the movie’s theatrical debut. At the box office, it competed with Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2.

Gadar 2 garnered a variety of reviews. Gadar 2 is strictly for three types of people: Sunny Deol fans, those who miss the unrestrained excesses of past expenses Bollywood, and those who think that “hate thy neighbor” is an axiom worth cheering for in a theater, according to film critic Saibal Chatterjee, who gave the movie two stars out of five in his review for NDTV. The movie offers more than enough content to satisfy everyone.

Gadar 2

Anil Sharma produced and directed the 2023 Indian Hindi-language period action drama film Gadar 2 (also known as Rebellion 2), which was written by Shaktimaan Talwar. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha 2 is a follow-up to the 2001 movie Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, and it stars Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Utkarsh Sharma in their original roles. In the film, Tara Singh travels back to Pakistan to free his son Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh, who was captured during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War.

On August 11, 2023, Gadar 2 was released in theaters. In its first six days, it made over 336 crore (US$42 million) globally, becoming the second-highest-earning Hindi film of 2023 and the third-highest-grossing Indian film of the same year.


In 1971, against the backdrop of the “Crush India” campaign, Tara Singh goes during a border battle and is thought to be jailed in Pakistan. When Tara’s son Charanjeet “Jeete” Singh learns of this, he rushes to help him but is captured and tortured by Pakistani soldiers led by Major General Hamid Iqbal, whose 40 soldiers Tara killed in 1954 when escaping from Pakistan with his wife Sakeena and Jeete. Sakeena’s father Ashraf Ali was put to death in 1954 by Hamid, who now seeks retribution on Tara.

Tara learns about this after connecting with Sakeena and decides to rescue Jeete since she got to escape the border conflict alive. Tara confronts Hamid with the aid of his pals in Pakistan and saves Jeete from a public execution, but they are soon split apart. Following their separation, Tara and Jeete receive assistance from Muskaan’s family, a Pakistani Muslim girl whom Jeete has fallen in love with. At the same time as he kills Muskaan’s brother Farid and forces Tara, Jeete, and Muskaan to surrender, Hamid captures Muskaan’s family and a few Indian soldiers. After a bloody battle, Tara and the others can flee, bringing the conflict into Indian territory where the Indian army can hold Hamid and his men at gunpoint.

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