Yasin Khan wins the title of Mr. Pakistan at Olympics 2023

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Yasin Khan wins the title of Mr. Pakistan at Olympics 2023

At the current 34th National Games in Quetta, renowned bodybuilder Yasin Khan, who competes for the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda), won the title of Mr. Pakistan Olympic 2023.

The Peshawar-born athlete won while fighting against the best bodybuilders in the nation.

Fida Baloch of Karachi performed against Yasin in the event’s final round. He received the coveted distinction since he was chosen as the finest poser.

In an interview with GeoSuper.tv, the champion bodybuilder said, “It’s a very gratifying time for me. Overall, the competition was difficult. I put in a lot of effort to get here. I sincerely appreciate my parents’, trainers’, and friends’ unwavering support, he said.

After he was declared winner, the crowd carried him around the bodybuilding arena on their shoulders. “I didn’t anticipate the people of Quetta to show me this much love. I want to express my gratitude to everyone for their help and appreciation.

Yasin, who has previously received numerous awards, wants to represent Pakistan internationally.

“I would like to represent Pakistan internationally. Although I’ve achieved a lot in the past, he declared, “I want to do much more for my country than this.”

“Bodybuilders need to be supported by our government. Our sport is quite costly. To represent Pakistan in the international arena, we want financial help,” he added.

It is essential to note that WAPDA won 150 points to take home the gold medal in the team division of the bodybuilding competition. Balochistan, the hosts, earned bronze with 15 points, while Pakistan Army, with 76, won silver.

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