CDA to Collect Toll Tax Again in Islamabad After 10 Years

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CDA to Collect Toll Tax Again in Islamabad After 10 Years

The declaration by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) that toll tax collection at entry points will resume following a ten-year break is a shock to the people of Islamabad.  This choice is an aspect of the CDA’s plan to increase revenue and solve the Authority’s current financial difficulties.

The Capital Development Authority board officially accepted the proposal, and the CDA board has finalized plans to create tax collecting points at important internal access points in Islamabad.

 The paper states that six internal entry points, including prominent areas like the Srinagar Highway, Islamabad Expressway, IJP Road, Margalla Avenue, and Murree Road, will have toll tax collecting sites installed.

 The Planning and Revenue departments of the CDA will work closely together to figure out the right tax rate.

The decision to reintroduce toll charges, according to CDA officials, is a proactive step to increase the authority’s revenue streams and, eventually, improve infrastructure and services for both locals and tourists.

The removal of all tax collection stations on Islamabad’s internal roads was announced by the Interior Minister in 2013, relieving city dwellers of owing toll charges. However, the Metropolitan Corporation decided in 2019 to reintroduce tolls at Islamabad entry ports, and however, the decision was unable to be carried out.

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