Fatima Bhutto shares details of her wedding ceremony

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Fatima Bhutto shares details of her wedding ceremony

Author Fatima Bhutto deserves congratulations after recently marrying to Graham. On her special day, the granddaughter of the late president Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto looked beautiful in white. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Jr., her brother, shared the good news on social media. Fatima is currently posting a beautiful note on her special day and the ways in which it was made so.

Fatima said, “Yesterday, Graham and I got married in a small nikkah ceremony in my family home, 70 Clifton,” together with a carousel of pictures from her special day. One of my most favorite places on earth is my grandfather’s library, where my brother Zulfikar tied our grandmother’s imam zamin on me.

She continued, “Behind us were childhood photos of my aunts, uncles, and father as well as an original People’s Party flag carried by my grandfather himself. We won’t be having any more ceremonies as, while I’m not a fan of big weddings, it feels especially unfair right now given what other people are going through.

“I missed my darling father so much, but he was with us,” Fatima said in her closing statement. As everyone in the room loved Papa so much, I felt him in my heart and among us. Thank you for your good wishes and keep us in your prayers.

Fatima made her dupatta from a white anarkali with silver border. She complemented her outfit with a red and white necklace, a silver maang-teeka, and matching earrings. The famous author could be seen wearing a stunning red orhni with gold decorations in the picture that her brother shared. Her husband was dressed in an appropriate kurta and pyjamas.

Her brother Zulfiqar had already celebrated both of them on social media.

“I’m happy to be able to share some good news on behalf of our father, Shaheed Mir Murtaza Bhutto, and the Bhutto family. Yesterday in our house, 70 Clifton, my sister Fatima and Graham got married in a small nikkah ceremony, he said on his Twitter account.

“Fatima’s family members attended at the ceremony, which was held in our grandfather’s library, a site close to my sister. We all agreed that excessive celebrations would be inappropriate given the challenging circumstances experienced by our fellow citizens. Additionally, he requested prayers for the couple. According to reports, only close friends and family members attended the private celebration.

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