Punjab Increases Lahore Ring Road Toll Tax

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Punjab Increases Lahore Ring Road Toll Tax

The Punjab government has lately imposed some economic measures in Lahore, one of which getting a significant increase in tolls on the Lahore Ring Road.

This decision follows increased license expenses, gas prices, and car prices. A twenty percent rise in toll rates has been announced by the Lahore Ring Road Authority, impacting a range of vehicles from light trucks to private automobiles.

The following are the new toll tax rates:

Private cars and jeeps will now cost Rs. 60 for each trip instead of Rs. 50, an increase of Rs. 10.

The toll responsibility on passenger vans and coasters would increase by Rs. 20 to Rs. 120 from Rs. 100.

The rate of toll tax for passenger buses has been increased by Rs. 50, making it Rs. 300 instead of Rs. 250 as before.

The amount of toll tax for dumpers, pick-ups, and loader trucks would increase by Rs. 60, from Rs. 300 to Rs. 360.

The biggest rise is for heavy trucks, whose toll duty goes from Rs. 500 to Rs. 600, an increase of Rs. 100.

The Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 3 project is expected to be completed in the upcoming five months in addition to these modifications. Legal obstacles had previously been encountered by this project, but they have finally been conquered allowing it to proceed.

The housing company gave major support for the project, which passes through Bahria Town. After it is completed, traffic congestion from South Punjab to Lahore should be much reduced, which would relieve some of the strain on Thokar and Canal Road. This is known as the Ring Road Southern Loop 3.

Recipients of the project are expected to include the residents of housing developments near Multan Road.

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