HEC Issues Warning Regarding Fraud Educational Visas

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HEC Issues Warning Regarding Fraud Educational Visas

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken a proactive strategy to address the alarming rise of educational visa fraud, which is subjecting both parents and students to vulnerabilities. According to recent reports, organized gangs of con artists, including certain individuals from Sialkot, have cleverly abused the system for processing student visas.

According to insider sources within HEC, these illegal networks have used a range of deceptive tactics, such as forged claims of scholarships and admissions assurances, extortionate money demands, and dishonest offers of guaranteed admittance. The HEC has issued a strong warning to students and their guardians in response to this major problem.

The commission is strongly underlining the importance of verifying the validity of foreign universities’ registration with the relevant accrediting bodies. To check the accuracy of the information provided, HEC also highly recommends communicating directly with the relevant educational institutions or embassies that are involved.

The HEC’s advice extends to prospective candidates, advising them to carefully verify any claims regarding academic programs, scholarships, and visa requirements. The critical function of alertness and thorough investigation has arisen as an essential precaution against the impending threat of educational visa fraud at a time when many students are starting their goals of receiving education internationally.

The Higher Education Commission is still committed to defending the academic goals of Pakistan’s bright youngsters. HEC aspires to establish an environment where educational aspirations can be pursued with assurance and confidence through these careful measures and informed decision-making.

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