HEC Announces Old Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degrees Now Equivalent

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HEC Announces Old Associate, Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees Now Equivalent

The revised Teacher Education Roadmap (TER) will be implemented by the suggestions of the National Curriculum Review Committee in the field of education, according to letters sent by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to the heads of all universities and degree-awarding institutions in the public and private sectors.

Candidates with an Associate Degree in Education Education (ADE) will be permitted to enroll in the third year or fifth semester of a four-year B.Ed. the program, according to the updated TER.

According to the revised TER, candidates who hold an Associate Degree in Education (ADE) will be able to enroll in the third year or fifth semester of a four-year B.Ed. program.

Additionally, for employment and further study, MA Education, M.Ed., and BS Education shall be regarded as comparable to B.Ed. 4 years/B.Ed. (Hons), B.Ed. 2.5 after 14 years of qualification, and B.Ed. 1.5 after 16 years of qualification.

Graduates who have completed sixteen years of study, or an equivalent qualification, in a field other than education and who wish to earn a B.Ed. the degree may enroll in the B.Ed. 1.5 program, which consists of 45–54 credit hours of coursework.

However, to be admitted to the MS/MPhil Education program, graduates with sixteen years of irrelevant experience must also complete deficient courses totaling at least 18 credit hours, as decided on a case-by-case basis by the admitting university.

Last but not least, starting in Fall 2023, Teacher Education Degrees will only be referred to as “Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)”. The specialties, such as Curriculum, Assessment, Academic Planning, Leadership, Guidance, and Counseling, etc., and the strands, such as Early Childhood Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, etc., will only be shown on transcripts, not degrees.

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