Pakistan Studies is no longer compulsory for undergraduate degrees

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Pakistan Studies is no longer compulsory for undergraduate degrees

Pakistan Studies is no longer compulsory as a course for undergraduates, according to a major policy shift issued by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

The new undergraduate policy, which will take effect with the 2023 revision to the education, reportedly removes Pakistan Studies as an elective for BA, BSc, and all honors degree programs.

Reactions to this decision have come from various logical communities. Concerns have been raised by Dr. Amjad Magsi, the general secretary of the Punjab University Academic Staff Association, and representatives of the Federation of All Pakistan Academic Staff Association.

The topic has been taught at the graduate level for many years, they pointed out, and switching it out for something else might cause delicate concerns about national feelings. They wanted Pakistan Studies to be reinstated as a required undergraduate course and urged the HEC to reconsider its decision.

On the other hand, an official from the Higher Education Commission made it clear that universities are not required to follow this rule, suggesting that particular universities may still decide to add or eliminate Pakistan Studies from their courses of study.

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