Queuing up for free flour against human dignity: LHC

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Queuing up for free flour against human dignity LHC

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ruled against the government’s distribution of free flour, saying it violated the sanctity and dignity of human life.

According to the judge’s order, people should uphold their sense of dignity and sanctity in accordance with Islamic principles, the Holy Quran, and the law of the land.

These orders were made in response to a petition filed by Azhar Siddique, the head of the Judicial Activism Panel, which focused on the deaths of people who were waiting in line for free flour when the government was run poorly.

In the order, LHC Judge Shahid Jamil Khan questioned the government’s method for distributing wheat and the deaths of people from stampedes and poor management. The court ordered the media to stop using the distribution of basic commodities as a news or subsidy story.

The court stated that giving free flour to deserving people was not a distribution that violated human dignity and ordered that all such activities cease. They received a basic favor from the government.

It stated that giving essentials to deserving individuals in lines using public funds was against human dignity and added that publicizing the distribution method revealed the government’s bad intentions.

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