PIA flight to Toronto makes medical emergency landing in Oslo

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PIA flight to Toronto makes medical emergency landing in Oslo

Express News reported on Monday that PIA aircraft PK-783 from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport to Toronto had to land at Norway’s Oslo Airport due to a medical emergency.

A PIA representative reported that Syed Javed, a passenger, had become worse during the flight.

The statement claimed that because of the passenger’s low blood pressure and unconscious condition, an emergency landing at Oslo Airport was required.

First aid was attempted to be given to the passenger by the three doctors on board. But, once they all agreed that there was a medical emergency, the flight’s captain made an emergency landing.

A spokeswoman reported that an ambulance was called just outside the aircraft door. The traveler was brought to the hospital for comprehensive medical care after landing.

When the passenger was transported to the hospital, the PIA aircraft PK-783 departed once more from Oslo Airport for Toronto. The flight was four hours late as a result of the emergency landing.

According to the spokeswoman, the PIA aircraft from Toronto back to Islamabad would now experience a 13-hour delay because of the night curfew.

150 Umrah pilgrims were left in the dark at the Jeddah Airport last month when PIA flight PK-860, which was supposed to arrive in Karachi from Saudi Arabia, was abruptly redirected to Lahore.

At first, the plane was supposed to take off for Karachi at 5:40 PM Saudi time from Jeddah. The passengers traveling from Jeddah to Karachi were offered the choice of adjusting to the Lahore flight or waiting for the subsequent trip to Karachi.

The diversion was caused, according to the PIA spokesperson, by unanticipated operational problems.

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