Pakistan Navy Rescues 8 Iranian Fishermen

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Pakistan Navy Rescues 8 Iranian Fishermen

The Pakistan Navy safely rescued eight Iranian fishermen on Monday after it immediately responded to a distress call from a burning ship in open water, the military said in a statement.

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) reports that PNS Yarmook demonstrated humanitarian values by acting swiftly in response to the distress call and performing the rescue mission with remarkable dexterity.

It said that in addition to saving all of the fishermen, the ship did a fantastic job of putting out the fire.

The swift and successful rescue effort shows the Pakistan Navy’s adaptability to a wide range of maritime circumstances.

The statement shut with the Pakistan Navy’s rescue operation under the flag of humanitarianism, reaffirming its commitment to protecting maritime safety and saving human life at sea.

Nine Indian seamen were saved in February when the Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) worked together.

Near the Indian coast, 167 nautical miles southeast of Karachi, an Ocean Tug SAS-5 licensed to St. Kitts and Nevis has been incapacitated for the past few days. According to a Pakistan Navy news release, the tug experienced an electric generator failure and lost power.

The Ocean issued a distress call to the Pakistan Navy‘s Joint Maritime Information and Coordination Centre (JMICC) early on February 4.

On February 1, the Tug proceeded from the Indian port of Debhol, Maharashtra, towards Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates.

After three hours of arduous repair work, the damaged tug was fixed. PMSS KASHMIR arrived and secured the tug alongside. In addition to technical support, the tired Tug crew got hot meals, fresh water, and medical facilities. Following the successful conclusion of the SAR mission, the tug was able to proceed to its next port of call, Sharjah.

The crew of the salvaged Tug voiced their gratitude and praise for the quick, professional response offered by PN and PMSA assets.

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