National Day: Iran’s Azadi Tower dazzles with Pakistani colors

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National Day: Iran’s Azadi Tower dazzles with Pakistani colors

Iran’s famous Azadi Tower in Tehran, the country’s capital, was lit up in the colors of the green crescent flag in honor of Pakistan Day.

Muhammad Mudassir Tipu, Pakistan’s ambassador to Iran, was present at the Azadi Tower ceremony, which included a video mapping of Pakistan Day and the Nowruz festival.

This is the first time such video mapping has been displayed in the history of relations between Iran and Pakistan.

The national anthems of both nations were played, and pictures of Pakistan’s national monuments were also on show. Traditional instrument music was also playing.

The Iranian and Pakistani national flags were illuminated together to show the strong and friendly ties between the two neighbors. A lot of Iranians and Pakistanis took joy in this special day.

Such changes, according to Ambassador Mudassir Tipu, serve to deepen cultural linkages between peoples and mark a significant turning point in the bonds between the two friendly nations that share a common history, culture, and traditions.

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