PM Shehbaz to Lead Energy Cabinet Committee

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PM Shehbaz to Lead Energy Cabinet Committee

The Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) was launched by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday.
The Prime Minister has created the committee following Rule 17(2) of the Rules of Business, 1973, under a notification from the Cabinet Division.

The minister for economic affairs, the minister of finance, the minister of petroleum, the minister of planning, development, and special initiatives, and the minister of power will be members of the committee, with the premier serving as its chairman.

The committee’s Terms of Reference (ToRs) include:

  1. To ensure the prompt and effective conclusion of energy projects that are either underway or planned, especially those that are part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor;
  2. Analyze the drawbacks of the current institutional and legal structure that regulates the energy sector and develop reform proposals;
  3. Identify and remove barriers to the quick completion of these projects;
  4. Evaluate the present energy strategy and remove any flaws;
  5. Development of saving energy policies and plans, as well as routine or periodic monitoring of those policies and plans;
  6. When required, but at least once every two weeks, coordinate across ministers;
  7. Make sure that the country has enough POL goods on hand through administrative and policy behaviors;
  8. Develop efficient energy markets by liberalizing within regulatory allowed limits; lessen theft losses in the energy industry and transfer benefits to customers.
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