Celebrities Gathered at Shaista Lodhi’s Place for Prayers

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Celebrities Gathered at Shaista Lodhi’s Place for Prayers

Shaista Lodhi is a talented Pakistani host, actor, and doctor. Millions of people love her. She appears to be a religious person. Shaista Lodhi made her Umrah journey in April of last year. She posted videos and photos of her trip to Makkah. She also had the opportunity to assist with the stitching of the Ghilaf E Kaaba. Shaista Lodhi brought back a lot of mementos from Saudi Arabia. Recently, she put all of her mementos on display at her home.

Shaista Lodhi hosted a prayer gathering at her home on the 15th Shaban. She invited several of her media industry friends. Darood, prayers, and a naat mehfil were planned. The prayers also included an invitation for Shaista Lodhi’s parents and siblings. She displayed all the exquisite and priceless mementos to her pals. Many of her friends joined her for prayer. The majority of the photos from her prayer event are included here. Look at the images:

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